ICU dormitories are a place where students respect human rights and diversity and learn about the sharing and assigning of responsibilities through dialogue while living together in a community. The students produced a short film on the attraction of such dormitories under the supervision of Oriza Hirata (Class of 1986). Hirata also held a series of special seminars (five times) on the theory of drama to coincide with the production of the movie.

Dormitories: A Place Where Students Study and Practice Liberal Arts


ICU dormitories are a place where students foster respect for human rights and diversity and learn to share responsibilities and duties through dialogue in a communal living. All dormitories are located on campus, set in natural surroundings where students can enjoy the changing seasons. They are conveniently located near facilities such as the University Hall, the Dining Hall and the Library.

The dormitories are home to some 800 students - which is one in four ICU students - including not only students from overseas but also those from Tokyo metropolitan region. Students with diverse social, linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds, personalities and ways of thinking live and study together in the dormitories. They are enjoying fulfilling life, participating in events such as the Dormitory Festival.

In principle, students can move into dormitories when they enroll in April or September and stay for 10 months a year, excluding two months of summer vacation (July and August).


Off-Campus Housing

ICU Service Co., Ltd. is responsible for providing ICU students with information and consultation regarding off-campus housing such as general apartments, student apartment houses and an off-campus student dormitory. The company cooperates with reliable real estate agents to provide students with safe off-campus accommodations at favorable terms.

Please contact ICU Service for more details about apartments and other off-campus accommodations.


Living with a Japanese family enables students to be immersed in Japanese life and practice Japanese. However, homestay is not very common in Japan, and the number of host families is limited. ICU commissions the arrangement of homestay to Nextage Co., Ltd. Nextage introduces host families to students who are interested in homestay. If you wish to look for a host family in Tokyo, please contact Nextage directly.

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